How to achieve peak performance in any area of your life?

No matter wherever you find yourself right now, you have the ability and the chance to make your life count. Yes, you can achieve peak performance in any area of your life. But how do we know that it’s possible for you. There are two basic things – If you can breathe, you can make your life count. If you want to live for something larger than yourself, you will surely achieve your highest level of greatness in any area […]

How to learn a new language under 20 hours?

We all have major goals we want to achieve in our lifetime. Some are big hairy audacious goals and some are tiny little brittle just-in-the moment goals. So if one of your goals is to learn a new language within shortest amount of time, you’re not alone. There are many who would like to do that and would grab on the opportunity if they’re given one. In this article, you get that opportunity to learn to master a new language […]

The key to success – Positive Attitude

Your attitude is the ultimate maker or breaker of your life! Your attitude shapes your actions which in turn decides your path of success. Attitude is your choice, which can be molded only by you.To shape your thoughts on the positive side, here are some ways that will improve your life inward and outside dramatically. When you feel you are going off-track, losing focus on your goals, reprogram. Reprogram your thoughts towards fearful, defeatist thinking that will charge you up […]

Time Management

Has all the schedule organizing apps, diaries and other means to manage your time effectively have put you in trouble, leaving with back-log work? Well, all these tools work in accordance with a clock time, while your mind works on real time. Real time is the time that sits between your ears. Your remark about time flying or dragging depends on your actions and daily routine. To have a productive day, here are some practical techniques that will keep you […]

Techniques to improve your memory

Memories elicited aren’t just based on what you see. It is beyond sight. Sounds, tastes, textures, facts, emotions contribute towards the making of memories. Even after many years of an event happening, it can pop up in your mind by a tiny element that is attached to the event. Many think that they have a poor memory which is written on a stone. Well, that’s wrong! Your memory can certainly be improved in many ways. While there are many techniques […]

5 hacks to crack an interview

While you have crossed the first barrier to get a job with your impressive resume, it’s time to look ahead and prepare to cross the other barricades. We know you are aware of the drill; read, re-read and prepare. Everyone who wants to get a job follows this. But how does one excel and create a soft spot in the interviewers mind? How do you gain those extra brownie points without becoming Mr. Smart Pants. After understanding the tools, technology […]

Tricks to improve creative thinking

If you thought thinking creatively pertains to only a few fields, then you’re mistaken! Have you ever thought how a creative idea can reduce the time taken to complete a job or you can do independently? In a recent movie, a girl always depended on someone to unzip her dress. Later, she used a creative tactic, where a magnet sticks to the zip and the dress unzips. This is a symbolic signal of creativity and thought. Well, this idea came […]

Business Etiquettes

Just when someone talks about etiquettes, most of us feel we know our etiquettes and want to run away. We’ve seen books, tutorials and articles on business etiquettes. So what does etiquettes mean? rules that take off your individuality? Well, etiquettes is about making people feel good! It’s not about rules to follow or what to do, it’s about ensuring social comfort. Here are some business etiquettes or social comforters (for your convenience). 1. Thank you note – Sending a […]

Successful Business Communication

“Don`t communicate to be understood; rather, communicate so as not to be misunderstood.”, says Dr. Lund. Every professional has to communicate effectively, while most of them feel they are good at it. Well, it’s the recipient that decides whether the opposite person is effectively communicating or not. If you’re a business man or entrepreneur, listen to the feedback and work on your communication skills. For, Warren Buffett once said that better communication could increase the value of a person by […]

Tips to boost your memory

Even with technology simplifying our work, it can still complicate it in many ways. One such complication is remembering passwords! From your bank accounts to social media profiles, email accounts, etc. The list of things to remember is endless, but in a nutshell, a good memory power is required. Here are a some hacks to improve your memory to get passed the irritation of forgetting – Make nature the object – Take a walk down the road, admire the varied […]