Tips to boost your memory

Even with technology simplifying our work, it can still complicate it in many ways. One such complication is remembering passwords! From your bank accounts to social media profiles, email accounts, etc. The list of things to remember is endless, but in a nutshell, a good memory power is required.
Here are a some hacks to improve your memory to get passed the irritation of forgetting –
Make nature the object – Take a walk down the road, admire the varied elements of nature or just browse through images of nature. Nature has the power to soothe your senses and de-clutter your mind. This makes the mind more effective by improving the memory storage and overall functioning of the mind.
Exercise for the mind – While many of you thought exercising is to improve the physical state of one, your wrong! Studies have shown that running increases the level of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein which supports the health of the existing neurons and creates new ones. Weight lifting increases the levels of insulin-like growth factor, a protein which promotes cell division and growth. So exercise!
Chewing gum – Chewing gum isn’t a direct way to improve your memory. It helps to increase the ability focus and in turn retains extra information. Did you know, chewing gum increases mental alertness by 10%.
Music – Music tones the auditory fitness of your brain. Music is capable of improving the relevance and predictability of the auditory signal. This includes speech as well. Thus, musicians can remember auditory content better.
Stand up – Sitting for a long time at a stretch makes the brain go into momentary lapses of concentration. So walk around every now and then, especially when you work.
Study sessions – Space out sessions of study or work. Doing either for a long stretch with no rest will not process information. So take short breaks.
So go ahead, work on your memory power and do wonders in whatever you do!