Successful Business Communication

“Don`t communicate to be understood; rather, communicate so as not to be misunderstood.”, says Dr. Lund.
Every professional has to communicate effectively, while most of them feel they are good at it. Well, it’s the recipient that decides whether the opposite person is effectively communicating or not. If you’re a business man or entrepreneur, listen to the feedback and work on your communication skills. For, Warren Buffett once said that better communication could increase the value of a person by fifty percent. Here are some pointers to help you succeed in the art of communication.

Monologues are ineffective – A communicator not just talks about also listens to others and is open for collaboration of thoughts. Be famous for the questions you ask rather than the answers you reply. It can also perceived that the thoughts and ideas of others are valued and are taken into consideration.

Aim to simplify – Simplifying your thoughts and then in turn speaking the same way makes it easy for people to understand. People distrust when the communication isn’t clear. Influencing people to change their mind requires one to talk clearly and effectively.

Be sensitive – Choice of words is important. One’s communication shouldn’t be biased that can create a negative impact. Insensitive communication is tactless and tasteless. Usage of quotes and examples are good ways of persuading someone.

Go beyond the past – Rather than harping over the past achievements, one must look at putting forward the future prospects and goals. This increases motivation and advancement. While talking to clients and customers, consider how to package your thoughts and ideas as untapped potential and let it be both ways.

Be specific
– Many people forget to tap one area and talk on a general note which usually doesn’t strike the right cord. Hence, specific details in a talk will make the listener more attentive. The challenge is to make the future seem attainable and bright.

Emotions + logic – Emotions always take over logic while the logic rarely over takes emotions. In such a case, a rational decision is always wise. When any emotion is going to override a decision, calm the emotion.

Lead with empathy – Empathy begins with active listening. Listening to what is being said and what isn’t is active listening. Once one has listened carefully, tuning your response is easy and thus makes communication effective.

With competition getting tougher, effective communication will play a major role in the make or break of one’s career. So take a daily dose of an effective communication lesson and move forward in the battle field.