Business Etiquettes

Just when someone talks about etiquettes, most of us feel we know our etiquettes and want to run away. We’ve seen books, tutorials and articles on business etiquettes. So what does etiquettes mean? rules that take off your individuality?
Well, etiquettes is about making people feel good! It’s not about rules to follow or what to do, it’s about ensuring social comfort.
Here are some business etiquettes or social comforters (for your convenience).
1. Thank you note – Sending a thank you note is an art followed by very few. If you want to stand out of the crowd especially to get a job or sign a contract send one. It leaves a good impression on you or your company.
2. Know the names – It is important to know your peers names. It develops good relationships with vendors, management and other associates. Go up to them and speak and don’t forget to acknowledge their work irrespective of their role.
3. Silence at the elevator – Never discuss about your client or business in an elevator after a meeting off-site. Until you walk out of the building discussing anything related to the meeting with your colleagues may jeopardize your relations. You’re also putting your reputation at risk.
4. Keep the gadgets aside – With a plethora of devices by your side and mails piling in your inbox, you ought to get distracted. But, that’s not polite! Look at the person’s face while talking, pay attention and be present. You may feel multi tasking can be productive here. But not in this case. So switch off your phone, turn off the Emails and focus.
Go ahead, try these social comforters and make a difference.