Tricks to improve creative thinking

If you thought thinking creatively pertains to only a few fields, then you’re mistaken! Have you ever thought how a creative idea can reduce the time taken to complete a job or you can do independently?
In a recent movie, a girl always depended on someone to unzip her dress. Later, she used a creative tactic, where a magnet sticks to the zip and the dress unzips. This is a symbolic signal of creativity and thought. Well, this idea came out of desperation (an extreme emotion/condition).
Here are some tips to think in the creative direction –

One idea per day – Think of at least one idea every day. It can be about how to promote an ad or fix something at home in a different way. This way you will start thinking in the creative direction.
Expose yourself – The more one reads, watches shows and exposes himself to information, the better he can think.
Take a break – Just when you feel stuck with an idea, commonly known as a creative block, take a break. Step out of your work space for a coffee break. Talk to a colleague/friend. Once you’re back to thinking about your idea, you will most likely crack it. A breather breaks the monotony in the thought process. Sometimes you can be inspired by something on your break.
Get choosy – Sometimes you land up with so many ideas which can leave you in a fix. List your ideas down and go through them again. Slash down the not so good ideas and narrow them down. Seeking help to filter the ideas helps.
The peak hours of creativity – There are hours of the day when some people are at the peak of productivity and creativity, while some reach that peak at the extreme of an emotion. Work your heart out at these times and get the creativity flowing. While this varies from person-to-person, do what works the best for you.

Have you tried another technique that has worked for you? Go ahead and tell us, we would love to know.