5 hacks to crack an interview

While you have crossed the first barrier to get a job with your impressive resume, it’s time to look ahead and prepare to cross the other barricades. We know you are aware of the drill; read, re-read and prepare. Everyone who wants to get a job follows this. But how does one excel and create a soft spot in the interviewers mind? How do you gain those extra brownie points without becoming Mr. Smart Pants.
After understanding the tools, technology and means available around us, here are five hacks that will give you an advantage over others.
Research – Everyone reads about the company, their portfolio, case studies, if any, social media accounts and the list ends. There is so much more than this to read. Quarterly reports, earning calls and blog posts are some of them you ought to read. Many insights about the company can be incurred. Thus making your answers more specific and substantial.
Example – when you are asked, where do you see the company in the next 5-years, saying probably X sector will see a boom because that is the current trend is a weak answer. But if you say, based on the Quarterly report, the company has generated a revenue of 5 Million over the year from X sector and hence….. This answer is strong. It will make the interview aware that you are well read and know about the company better than the other candidates.

3 PAR Anecdotes – There are many situation based questions that are asked during the interview. While some may be based on your previous experiences. Crafting a story that is well structured creates a good flow of your speech as well as makes it easy to understand.
• Problem – what was the situation?
• Action – what did you do to solve it?
• Result – what changed afterwards?
Following the above pattern will make it easy for you answer.
Think aloud on Analytical questions – Well, there are analytical questions too sometimes, to test your capability to calculate mentally and quickly. Maybe creativity too. While you are calculating, start talking aloud the calculation. This will intrigue the employee. He will understand your calculations and you will know if you have made a mistake. Even if your answer is wrong, understanding your thought process makes it easy to judge your capabilities. This is also a good way to show your communication skills too.
Ask this final question – You have to gather courage to raise this question. At the end, ask the interviewer if you have said anything or given him any doubts that you are unfit for the role. This question has been appreciated by many biggies and can be a game changer for you. If the interviewer states a few points, you still have an opportunity to clear the haziness and the grey portions for the interviewer. You are then in a sweet spot.
A personalized thank you Email – You ought to thank your interviewer within 24 hours of the interview. It opens a door for dialogue as well as shows your gratitude even if you don’t get this job. You never know when the interviewer can come back to you with an opportunity via this Email thread.