Techniques to improve your memory

Memories elicited aren’t just based on what you see. It is beyond sight. Sounds, tastes, textures, facts, emotions contribute towards the making of memories. Even after many years of an event happening, it can pop up in your mind by a tiny element that is attached to the event.

Many think that they have a poor memory which is written on a stone. Well, that’s wrong! Your memory can certainly be improved in many ways. While there are many techniques that can be used, they cannot work for everyone. One has to try a handful or more techniques and check which technique or techniques help them the most.

If you have to commit information to your memory then you should pay full attention. Did you know, having a positive attitude to commit information can help you retain information quicker. Thinking deeply about how you can use the information you just received also helps. Making an analogy, reading information aloud and simply re-reading it also works. Chewing gum also increases the activity in the brain which in turn improves memory.

Taking a walk or exercising helps to recall information. Get good amount of sleep, as consolidation of memory happens when you’re asleep. It is said that drinking caffeine after you have received new information helps to retain that piece. For a sharper memory, eat berries.¬† They are said to have better memory recall years down the lane.

Mnemonics is an entire discipline that has tested techniques to better remembering information. Mnemonics uses association of new information with something else that helps retain information.  Here are a few techniques that will make your memory work quicker.

Acronyms – Each letter in an acronym is an indication to a certain thing. Like BODMAS is for the order in which mathematical calculations are done. Creating acronyms is one of the easiest ways to remember things.

Music mnemonics – Tagging a song lyrics to a piece of information or creating a jingle out of the information can store information for a long period in your mind.

Imagery – Constructing an image mentally or physically can help you retain information.

Unclutter your mind! Too many things in your mind can lower your memory power. By organizing your mind, one can grasp more information and retain it. Structuring your memory’s files is the best way to store and retain information.

Take these tips and work towards building a mightier memory and mind.