Time Management

Has all the schedule organizing apps, diaries and other means to manage your time effectively have put you in trouble, leaving with back-log work? Well, all these tools work in accordance with a clock time, while your mind works on real time. Real time is the time that sits between your ears. Your remark about time flying or dragging depends on your actions and daily routine.

To have a productive day, here are some practical techniques that will keep you ahead of time, or at least with time.

  1. Carry a schedule to record all your thoughts, activities, conversations and work to be done over the week. Then go back and check what you have recorded. This way you will be able to keep a track on how much time you have wasted on frivolous things.
  2. Create a start and end-time for activities that are of high-priority. Be disciplined and focus on finishing your work within the stipulated time given by you.
  3. Be sure to spend 50% of your time on thinking of ideas and having discussions that will produce most of your results.
  4. One cannot work 8 hours without being distracted for a second! Add time for interruptions too in your schedule.
  5. The last way to start your day is by delving into work immediately. Give yourself 30 minutes to see the work that is there for the day and schedule it accordingly.
  6. Before you start a new task on your list, take five minutes to do a mental math about how long are you going to take to finish the task. Also reflect on what you have achieved and give yourself a little pat.
  7. Block distractions like social media, instant messaging, personal Emails. Give yourself a little time during the day to respond to calls and messages.
  8. Don’t be hard on yourself if you haven’t completed everything on the list. Remember that 20% of your activities and conversations produce 80% of your results.