Language Skills

How to learn a new language under 20 hours?

We all have major goals we want to achieve in our lifetime. Some are big hairy audacious goals and some are tiny little brittle just-in-the moment goals. So if one of your goals is to learn a new language within shortest amount of time, you’re not alone. There are many who would like to do that and would grab on the opportunity if they’re given one. In this article, you get that opportunity to learn to master a new language […]

5 hacks to crack an interview

While you have crossed the first barrier to get a job with your impressive resume, it’s time to look ahead and prepare to cross the other barricades. We know you are aware of the drill; read, re-read and prepare. Everyone who wants to get a job follows this. But how does one excel and create a soft spot in the interviewers mind? How do you gain those extra brownie points without becoming Mr. Smart Pants. After understanding the tools, technology […]

Tips for better decision making

We all make millions of decisions every day, big and small. I’m sure we have regretted so many decisions too! Getting faster and better is the key to improve your daily productivity. Here are some hacks to get better at decision making, however understand the situation and then use an idea apt to make the right decision. 1.The two minute rule – Give yourself a deadline. As less as 2 minutes to make a decision. The time limit will make […]

Uses of E-Learning

Over the years, E-learning has changed the way kids learn and has opened opportunities of learning to the older generations too. In comparison with the traditional classroom learning, E-learning has gained an edge. It’s less expensive. Apart from the tuition fee, a student also has to pay for transport and other extra costs. With the cost of the Check out our various courses that you can learn online being comparatively low, the motivation levels are high here. Spacing out the […]

Tips to learn a new language

Placed an order and found the route by asking a local for directions; all done by communicating in a language your just learning. Pat your back first before you realize the grammatical errors or the other mistakes you made. The effort you made got you through and that’s the first tiny success. Such successes while learning a new language boosts your confidence and makes you yearn to learn more. Map your road Once you’re clear about your goals it becomes […]