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Public Speaking
Public Speaking is the effective tool which enhances your career, business, authority and position.

In a fright-survey, public speaking was right behind the fear of death than the fear of snakes, heights, water or fire. Public speaking is an important and vital mode in communicating knowledge and expressing ideas.

This application will equip the learner to speak with confidence and elan. It will also give you the methods and techniques which need to be applied for becoming a successful public-speaker.

This course is not only interactive but also, incorporates a detailed self assessment tests, hence helping you to find your weak points & overcome them in short span.


Chapters discussed are:
  • Dealing with Stage Fright
  • Building thy confidence
  • Preparation & delivery of speech
  • Pre – presentation preparation
  • Body language and gestures
  • Impromptu and Extempore
  • Practice
  • Post Presentation Analysis
  • Body language and gestures


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