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The Cash Flow Statement
The Problem

A business may look good on paper in terms of its assets, bank balance an invoices, but unless the cash keeps flowing the business will soon be in trouble. Many a small business has been sunk because of cash flow problems.



The Solution

In this presentation, qualified accountant and international speaker, Grant Vernon, will show you how to manage your cash flow on a daily basis to ensure your business has the financial resources it needs to meet its obligations. In his witty, down to earth style Grant will teach you how to forecast cash flow so you aren’t taken by surprise and can take corrective action in time, and how to build scenarios so you can ask the right questions and make the right business decisions.

Topics Touched:
  • Learn why cashflow is a critical business measure
  • Find out how to forecast your cashflow
  • Discover how to manage your cashflow
  • Understand the power of building business scenarios

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